The State Secretary of Defense visits the Factory of Trubia

Posted on 2019-11-07

The State Secretary of Defense, Ángel Olivares, has travelled to Oviedo in order to visit the factory of Trubia, one of the work sites that participates in the manufacturing of the VCR 8x8, the new armored vehicles that will upgrade the resources of the Military Army.

Olivares has toured the facilities managed by the company GDELS-Santa Bárbara Sistemas S.A. (SBS), and has visited the centers of engineering, welding, cutting, painting, machining and final assembling. This way, he has been able to get acquainted in person, with the technologies, skills and current and future projects of the company.

The VCR 8x8 program named ¨Dragón¨ is one of the most important and ambitious projects in which GDELS-Santa Bárbara Sistemas participates, and it will imply a milestone in the upgrading of combat vehicles for the Spanish Military Army.

Specifically, the factory of Trubia will manufacture parts of the frame of the VCR 8x8 such as barges, hatches, doors, grilles, panels and other exterior and interior pieces of the vehicles.

For GDELS-Santa Bárbara Sistemas, this contract has a strategic character, since it implies more than 3.5 million working hours in their facilities in Madrid, Sevilla and Asturias. Its program‘s participation will generate an average of 260 direct jobs per year for 8 years, of which 35% will rely on the Trubia facilities.

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