General Dynamics European Land Systems presents the new EAGLE 6X6 and the new CBRN Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle at EUROSATORY

Posted on 2012-05-21

MADRID – General Dynamics European Land Systems will present for the first time the newest member of the EAGLE family of vehicles, the new EAGLE 6x6 light tactical vehicle, and the new CBRN Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicles, based on the PIRANHA 3 and DURO 6x6 chassis, at EUROSATORY 2012 exhibition in Paris from 11-15 June 2012. The latest product developments for the ASCOD tracked vehicle, including rubber tracks and a mobile camouflage system, and the Medium Trackway Bridge (MTB), will also be on display.

General Dynamics European Land Systems will be located in Hall 5 - Stand No. 05-C186.

Display Highlights

Family of EAGLE 4x4 and 6x6 vehicles
Building on the mobility, protection and payload of the class-leading EAGLE 4x4 light tactical vehicle, General Dynamics European Land Systems will launch its new EAGLE 6x6 vehicle at EUROSATORY. The EAGLE 6x6 Features protected cabins for 2, 4 or 5 crew members with a variety of different load floors and mission modules. As a troop carrier, up to 14 soldiers can be accommodated. Offering a high payload of up to 6,000 kg and a protected volume of up to 16 cubic meters, the EAGLE 6x6 provides the space required for various tactical missions. Permanent all-wheel drive, automatic Torsen differentials, automatic transmission and automatic tire pressure control system allow fatigue-proof and secure driving under all conditions.

PIRANA 3 CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle
General Dynamics will present the first vehicle of the 12 units ordered by the Swiss Army at EUROSATORY. General Dynamics partnered with THALES to deliver a state-of-the-art CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle. Quickly deployable and highly protected, this wheeled recce vehicle discovers and identifies CBRN hazards using integrated navigation equipment to monitor large areas and mark contaminated zones. Its nuclear segment contains detection probes, and a particle monitor and a telescopic arm measure radiation on the ground. The double-wheel sampling system makes it possible for chemical ground contamination to be detected while on-the-move. Deeper chemical analysis with mass spectrometry and a gas chromatograph can be performed while driving through rough terrain. This first-to-deploy CBRN recce vehicle also contains a biological aerosol detector and collector. Its user-friendly CBRN management software controls the sensors and supports operators during missions. In the sophisticated, protected backend all sorts of manual samples can be taken and transferred to a cooling compartment and handed over for further external analysis.

DURO 6x6 CBRN Laboratory Vehicle
In March, 2012, General Dynamics European Land Systems delivered the 12th highly mobile field laboratory vehicle to the Swiss Army. Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) engineered and integrated three different mission modules for CBRN reconnaissance into General Dynamics’ armoured DURO 6x6 vehicle. All three configurations are equipped with an identical basic suit. These highly efficient laboratories, which can be quickly deployed to the operational theatre, contain all the required devices for thorough evaluation of data in the event of CBRN threat situations. In the event of a contamination, the crew can embark and disembark through a sluice in the rear of the vehicle for decontamination. These mobile field laboratories enable a rapid, highly technological and sustainable CBRN defence in the military as well as in the civil disaster control or against terrorist attacks.

PIRANHA 5 Wheeled Infantry Fighting Vehicle
This latest member of the PIRANHA family just returned from successful trials in Canada. Competing in the Canadian CCV programme, the PIRANHA 5 is equipped with the 30 mm RLS LANCE two-man turret and provides seating capacity for eight crew members in the rear of the vehicle and sufficient payload for additional material.  PIRANHA 5 provides the highest levels of survivability against conventional and asymmetric threats while having the capacity to fill all battlefield roles such as APC, Electronic Warfare, Ambulance, Reconnaissance, Command, Mortar and even Direct Fire with turrets up to 120 mm calibre. It can be delivered in either high- or low-roof configurations with open architectures, with over 15 tons payload and 120 kW electrical power.

ASCOD Tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle
The ASCOD family has been designed for multiple mission roles and provides an excellent combination of mobility, protection and combat ability. The version displayed is equipped with the General Dynamics European Land Systems designed SP30 two-man turret, a mobile multispectral camouflage kit and rubber tracks. The ASCOD is in service with the Spanish Army and the Austrian Army and the latest configuration has been selected for the SV program in the United Kingdom.

MTB – Medium Trackway Bridge
The increased need for a self-sufficient gap-crossing capability for ground forces has lead to the development of the Medium Trackway Bridge (MTB), an aluminium-construction modular lightweight bridge for military and civilian vehicles up to MLC 40 that can be connected to form bridge lengths of 4, 6 or 8 m. The single bridge modules can be transported directly on the vehicle, including light tactical vehicles, and can easily be launched and recovered by the crew of the same vehicle with a simple adapter. The launching / retrieving time for a 4 m MTB is approximately 5 minutes with 4 soldiers. The MTB enables tactical vehicles with no or very little gap-crossing capability to enhance their mobility on the battlefield without being reliant on bridging engineer units. This is not only increasing their manoeuvrability but also their protection as it allows troops options to detour potential risk areas.

General Dynamics European Land Systems, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, is a business unit of General Dynamics and conducts its business through four European operating units located in Austria, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. With more than 3,300 highly skilled technical employees, GDELS companies design, manufacture and deliver land combat systems to global customers, including wheeled (PIRANHA, PANDUR, DURO and EAGLE), tracked (ASCOD) and amphibious (M3) vehicles, bridge systems (IRB, MTB and REBS), armaments and munitions. More information about General Dynamics European Land Systems is available online at

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