General Dynamics European Land Systemssigns a teaming agreement with Falck Schmidt Defence Systems for the Danish APC-R Program

Posted on 2013-02-20


ODENSE(Denmark) - General Dynamics European Land Systems and Falck Schmidt Defence Systems have signed a comprehensive teaming agreement to respond to the requests forthe Danish Armored Personnel Carriers Replacement (APC-R) Program.

Under the teaming agreement, General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) and Falck Schmidt Defence Systems (FSDS), a leading Defence contractor in Denmark, are working together toprovide the best armored personnel carrier for the Danish Army.

The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistic Organization (DALO) invited General Dynamics European Land Systems to submit tenders for both wheeled and tracked options of the program. GDELS has been the only contender chosen for both options with the ASCOD and PIRANHA 5.

This partnership, the core industrial team and open to other Danish Industry, creates a powerful platform for both companies to provide a turn-key armored personnel carrier solution to the Danish Army combining their existing capabilities and strengths. General Dynamics European Land Systems’ previous experience in the design and deliver of combat vehicles to key allies of Denmark such as USA, UK, Germany, Spain and Canada provides the perfect background for the technology transfer of production to FSDS.

The collaboration between the two companies will create a basis for numerous new job opportunities at FSDS, not only for the production period, but also in the following years of operation and logistics support. Furthermore, the added value that FSDS will obtain during this partnership will help this company and other Danish enterprises in getting new contracts on the international market, with further job opportunities as a result. 

“We look forward to working with Falck Schmidt Defence Systems to prove again that we are a trusted key supplier for the Danish Army vehicle fleet and a global leader of wheeled and tracked vehicles, and weto engaging in close cooperation with the overall Danish defence industry,” said Alfonso Ramonet, President of General Dynamics European Land Systems.

“For FSDS this is a key strategic alliance with an international perspective which can raise the technology knowledge and production skills for the company even further than it is today,” said Jan Falck-Schmidt, CEO of Falck Schmidt Defence Systems.“FSDS has a proven record in production, assembly, integration and test of complete armored personal carriers to the Danish Army, and this partnership will improve this capability to an even higher standard”.

Over the past years, General Dynamics European Land Systems has deliveredthrough the GDELS-Mowag Site to the Danish Army more than 260PIRANHA 3, DURO IIIP 6x6 and EAGLE 4x4 vehicles. GDELS has demonstrated to be a reliable partner living up to the expectations of the Danish Army, by delivering the vehicle capabilities to operate across the full spectrum of operations.

About GeneralDynamicsEuropeanLand Systems

General Dynamics European Land Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics, is a leading European Land Systems supplier of combat vehicles and artillery and their world-leading products, services and solutions are deployed in the toughest scenarios like Afghanistan. With more than 3,300 highly skilled technical employees, GDELS conducts its business through four European operating units located in Austria, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.More information at

About Falck Schmidt Defence systems

Falck Schmidt Defence systems (FSDS) has more than 50 years’ experience and know how as a prime contractor and supplier to programs on land based weapon systems.FSDS has manufactured complete vehicles to the Danish army and is a worldwide provider of Elevated systems. Power solutions and composites structures for land, Aerospace and Space programs, also incorporated in the US and the UK and with two locations and plants in Denmark. More information at

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