The ASCOD Family of Vehicles is a versatile and powerful land platform for current and future operation theatres which is operated by various NATO members countries. The modular design architecture offers adaptability and scalability and is remarkably cost-efficient for maintenance.

The modular design means the platform can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs and requirements. With different payload capacities and growth potential and its alternative power pack and running gear, ASCOD offers a wide range of configurations which cover all the major roles of an Armored Fighting Vehicle; Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Armored Personnel Carrier, Command Post, Forward Observer, Repair, Recovery, Engineering, Artillery 155/52 (DONAR), Direct Fire / Light Tank or Bridge launcher and can integrate all types of turrets and weapon systems.

The ASCOD Family of Vehicles comprises the Spanish PIZARRO, the Austrian ULAN, and the British AJAX. . Currently, the first vehiclesof the AJAX series are produced for the Royal Army.

Tracked Heritage
We have four decades of leading in tracked platforms, in design, manufacturing and with Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), even in combat zones. The ASCOD has been involved in all the main national and international tracked armored programs.

One Platform, All Roles
The ASCOD maximizes its engineering capabilities with a Common Base Platform (CBP) which allows for design customization, with weapon system integration and mission payload definition.

Superior Mobility
High power to weight ratio, with weight savings at no cost to protection; Unique suspension system; Increased mobility / comfort ratio; Power-pack & running gears alternatives; all combine to provide a superb strategic and tactical deployability.

Growth Potential
For future systems and advanced protection, a continuous engineering process.

Best in Class Protection
Fully certified, integrated survivability, reliability, and use of state of the art technology.

Designed for the whole life cycle, as a family of vehicles it incorporates proven technology and system commonalities, resulting in reduced training requirements, maintenance and spare parts management.

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