We are renowned for our superior bridge systems, wheeled and tracked vehicles and also our industry-leading product service and support. Our Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) solutions are tailored to each customer's specific mission profile.

Specialist-trained personnel provide support for the user, both in-country and abroad, during the procurement phase and when the product is in service.

The General Dynamics European Land Systems ILS group offers an all-inclusive service ensuring uninterrupted provision of spare parts and availability through the entire product life cycle.

We provide individual logistic and maintenance services - through active support in the operational area - throughout the complete lifespan of a product.

Experienced specialists compile specific maintenance concepts and user-friendly documentation for our customers.

Our specialists advise our customers and prepare solutions that fulfill their specific requirements. Modern spare parts logistic systems ensure a high degree of availability.

Maintenance and repair work is carried out on schedule in our modern workshops or at the customer’s premises. In addition, our retrofit upgrade programs prolong the service life of the product.