The increased needs of ground forces for a self-sufficient gap crossing capability has led to the development of the VIPER. A modular lightweight bridge made from aluminum, it is available in lengths of 4, 6 and 8 meters for maximum loads up to MLC 40. The single bridge modules can be transported by small tactical vehicles and can easily be launched and retrieved by the crew with a simple adapter.

Load Capacity
With its lightweight aluminum design, the VIPER is robust enough to have a loading capacity up to MLC 40. It helps enhance maneuverability on the battlefield as no engineering knowledge is necessary, contributing to ensuring fast and secure troop deployment.

The VIPER has an adaptable launcher and its modularity makes transportation easy with any type of vehicle, including tactical ones. This also contributes to simple handling during launching and retrieval operations.

Low Maintenance
The VIPER’s proven reliability and its simplicity and ease of handling all contribute to low maintenance costs. It also offers an easy long-term storage capability.

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