The PYTHON is made from aluminum, a light dry-gap bridge which provides tactical gap crossing capability for light and medium size mechanized combat units. PYTHON allows the crossing of unprepared gaps of up to 13 m for wheeled and tracked vehicles.

Load Capacity
PYTHON has a loading capacity of up to MLC 50, with its light aluminum frame ensuring tactical gap crossing for the vast majority of mechanized tracked and wheeled platforms.

Combat Proven
Our bridges have performed successfully in various and different combat theaters since 2009. This experience was the key to linking customer needs with a real combat environment, enabling us to offer robust, customized and realistic solutions.

Operational Superiority
Its robust aluminum structure also offers tactical deployability as the light and modular design can be transported by air or by any 10/15 ton PLS-Truck or medium armored platform.

Low Maintenance
Our combat experience has enabled us to design realistic solutions which are simple to operate and need just two staff. We also offer an automated launching kit (ABLK - Adaptable Bridge Launching Kit) which contributes to protecting the crew during launches and retrievals, and includes: transport/launching pallets, launcher and launch boom, hydraulic system (all integrated in the pallet), electrical control system, and a diesel/electric power source. All of this contributes to moderate life cycle costs.

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