M3 is the world’s most modern and fastest to deploy amphibious bridge and ferry system in terms of loading capacity, assembly time, and cross-country and in-water maneuverability. It offers high mobility, availability and seamless land to water transition, and can be handled by a crew of just two soldiers. An increased level of system automation ensures low operating costs. Used as a bridge or as a multi-bay raft, the M3 can carry loads of up to MLC 85T/132W.

During the NATO Anakonda 2016 exercises a combined German and British Army engineer unit operated the longest M3 floating bridge ever assembled. The 350 m long bridge of 8 British and 22 German units was put together in only 35 minutes, enabling NATO forces to cross the Vistula River in Poland. The exercise was designed to strengthen military cooperation, cohesion and interoperability within NATO and its partner nations.

Load Capacity
Whether used as bridge or as a ferry, the M3 provides state of the art loading capacity of up to MLC 85 (T) / 132 (W). The M3 can be crossed by all types of Main Battle Tank (MBT) including the Leopard 2, M1A2 Abrams or the Challenger 2.

The M3 offers interoperability with other bridging solutions such as the SRB (Standard Ribbon Bridge)/FSB(Floating Support Bridge) and IRB (Improved Ribbon Bridge). We also offer coupling devices to ensure a correct interface at any time. That makes the M3 the right fit for coalitions which use different types of equipment but operate jointly. M3 has a simulator to help provide the right training and operational levels.

Combat Proven
Our bridges have been successfully used in allied operations and maneuvers such as Anakonda 2016 in Poland, and in Iraq. They allow military operations to keep flowing regardless of the terrain in the combat theater. This experience is the key to linking our customers’ needs with the real combat environment, enabling us to offer customized and realistic solutions.

Operational Superiority
Our bridges are highly mobile to minimize the effects of the operational terrain. In designing flexible and multipurpose platforms that fit into any landscape, we contribute to defense force logistics. In addition, we offer reliable solutions, based on combat- proven experience and providing operational availability.

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