The PANDUR Family of Vehicles, available in 6x6 and 8x8 and amphibious or terrestrial configurations, serves as a common platform for various armament and equipment systems. It combines high mobility and survivability and protection thanks to its internal drive train concept. The PANDUR ensures logistics commonality, versatility of armament and equipment, simple operation, excellent sustainability, high availability, in-house electronic architecture, and easy maintenance.

Currently, GDELS maintains more than 3,000 PANDUR platforms worldwide. More than 1,000 of these are operated by NATO member countries.

Highest Mobility Standards
Exceptional mobility is offered due to the high performance powerpack, the independent single wheel suspension and the ADM controlled differentials which provide a 100% locking capability. This unique mobility concept is available throughout the whole family of vehicles.

Unmatched survivability
PANDUR was designed for safe and simple operating. All the major automotive components (powerpack, drive train, fuel tank, hydraulics) are installed inside the protected armor steel hull, ensuring protection and offering considerable payload flexibility for armament and mission equipment systems.

Great Versatility
The PANDUR family of vehicles is combat proven. As an 8x8 it can offer; Direct fire up to 105mm, Mortar up to 120mm, Infantry Fighting Vehicle up to 30mm two man turrets, Armored Personnel Carrier up to 13 people, Recovery, Reconnaissance, Ambulance, Communication, Command post. And as a 6x6; Direct fire up to 90mm, Mortar up to 81mm,Infantry Fighting Vehicle up to 30mm two man turrets, Armored Personnel Carrier up to 11 people, Recovery, Reconnaissance, Ambulance, Communication, and Command Post.

Highest logistic commonality
Life Cycle costs are minimized thanks to a design that ensures commonalities throughout the complete family and ease of maintenance.

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